Jorge Zorro
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Zorro Devices

Pedal Repair / Pedal Mods / Guitar repair in the Seattle area

Welcome to Jorge Zorro's cave, home to Zorro Music Devices.

Repairs and modifications on guitar effects pedals and various other music electronics. Mostly pedals. My training and experience in analog electronics can work some magic on your electronic music equipment. As a guitar player I know that gear should be working solid and sounding awesome. Especially pedals.

Experienced in repair, mods and un-mods. My specialties on guitar are shielding, pick-up replacements, and custom wiring jobs.

NEW for 2014:

  • Second repair 50% off if you bring in 2 or more pedals for repair
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I play lead guitar with Brad Yaeger and the Night Terrors. Next show is

Saturday, September 20, JP's Williams Ave Pub, Renton.

Calendar Page has details on live performances.

OLD TREE video now on You Tube! has my most recent compositions, like Angelitos en el Autobús.



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